Twin Cities, MN


Advice from a Horrible Salesperson

The worst job in the world, if you ask me, is selling anything. I see those guys demonstrating at the State Fair and I run past their booths, terrified of making eye contact. I’ve always equated salespeople with phony manipulators trying to get me to do what they want me to do, rather than what’s…
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Is Failure the Key to Parenting Success?

Like most kids, my kids hate homework. One of them really, really hates homework. Every evening we engaged in major homework battles. I am sure this sounds familiar to some of you. After consulting his teachers and many wise parents, the best advice I received was, “quit fighting him and let him fail.” WHAT?!?!? Aren’t…
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Help Kids Manage Stress

  If stress burned calories, many of us would weigh 90 pounds, right? Work, family, and the never ending “to do” list all create significant stress in our lives. Most of us adults can effectively manage our stress. But what about children, especially kids whose parents are going through a divorce? Understandably, divorce causes a…
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The Blame Game (Part Two)

Blame is an automatic response when we find ourselves in difficult situations. Politicians spend months debating whether the Democrats or Republicans are responsible for the problems facing our country. I wish they would focus less on pointing fingers and more on solving the problems.  Minnesota is supposedly a “no fault” divorce state but that doesn’t keep…
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The Blame Game (Part One)

I couldn’t find my phone when rushing out the door the other day and I immediately blamed my kids for losing it. It turns out it was in my purse all along. Not only was blaming the kids for my mistake unfair, it momentarily kept me from solving the problem and finding my phone. When something bad happens,…
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The Importance of Boundaries

In last month’s post, “Telling Clients What They Don’t Want to Hear,” I mentioned the importance of maintaining proper boundaries when working with clients during and after divorce. Boundaries not only help us serve our clients more effectively, they protect us from allowing clients to invade our life outside of work. I recently read a…
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Telling People What They Don’t Want to Hear

At some point we all have to tell people what they don’t want to hear. It might be telling an aging parent they can no longer live independently. Or a friend we can’t support them if they continue making destructive decisions. In the divorce business telling clients what is sure to upset them is an…
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