Twin Cities, MN

Divorce Coaching

Divorce CoachingDivorce coaching provides individuals going through divorce with a safe, nonjudgmental place to work through the emotional, mental and financial chaos divorce brings.

Coaches help clients envision what they want their life to look like after their divorce and set specific goals for how to get there. Coaches keep clients accountable for achieving their vision and goals.

On a more practical level divorce coaches can provide clients a place to vent about their ex and give them strategies for how to reduce the impact of divorce on their children. Coaches can also help clients with the seemingly endless administrative tasks involved in divorce, from changing life insurance beneficiaries to organizing documents for tax preparation.

Hiring a divorce coach can help avoid the most costly mistake people make during divorce: using their attorneys for emotional support.  Not only is a coach usually more qualified to provide the necessary emotional support, coaching costs only a fraction of what an attorney charges.

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