Twin Cities, MN

Parenting Coach

Parenting CoachIf you are a parent in conflict with your ex you may wonder how you can possibly be the loving, engaged, joy-filled parent you want to be. You may feel overwhelmed with fear and worry about how your ex’s behavior is impacting your children. The ongoing struggle may be taking all your energy, leaving you unable to pursue the life you want to lead with your children. If this sounds familiar, a parenting coach can help.

A parenting coach partners with you to find solutions for getting out of this damaging cycle.  Parent coaching provides you with effective parenting tools and strategies so you can be the most loving, wise and effective parent you can be, regardless of what may be happening with your ex.

Erin charges a reasonable hourly fee for coaching.  If you think you might benefit from parenting coaching or have any questions, please call Erin at 612.599.8366 or email her at