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  • Divorce Mediation: Resolve the financial and parenting issues involved in divorce
  • Parenting Coaching: Supports individual parents to reduce conflict
  • Early Neutral Evaluation: Process to help divorcing couples settle out of court
  • Parenting Consulting: Resolves conflict for co-parents
  • Divorce Coaching: Emotional guidance during the divorce process

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Our Menu of Services

Divorce brings stress and chaos into virtually every aspect of your life. Finances are uncertain and emotions fragile during and, sometimes long after, divorce. Resolution Divorce Services offers couples and individuals help throughout all phases of divorce.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation guides couples through the divorce process using a simple, common sense approach. The mediator ensures both parties have a full understanding of all the financial and parenting issues so they can agree on a thorough and fair divorce settlement. This includes asset and debt division, writing a parenting plan including a parenting time schedule, determining child support and working out how both parties can have a secure financial future.

Parenting Consulting

Parenting Consulting services are offered for divorced or never married co-parents struggling to communicate and make parenting decisions together. This includes coaching parents individually, facilitating communication between parents and, when necessary, making legally binding decisions.

Parenting Classes

We offer a variety of divorce and parenting classes throughout the year. Divided Parents, Whole Kids is a free class that provides best practices for co-parenting so you can put your kids first during and after divorce.  We also team up with The Divorced Guys Network (for men) and Second Saturday (for women) several times throughout the year to lead workshops on different topics. Click on the “Classes” link for more information on the next class.


Parenting coaches help individual parents engaged in ongoing conflict with their ex. Coaches help clients develop strategies for reducing conflict so you can be the loving, engaged parent you are meant to be. Divorce Coaching offers individuals going through divorce with a safe, nonjudgmental place to work through the emotional, mental and financial chaos divorce brings.

Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE)

SENE is a process used by couples who need assistance settling parenting time and custody issues. The process allows both parents to present their side of the story and propose a resolution each feels is best for their children. Based on this information, a male-female team of evaluators provide feedback on how they feel these issues can best be resolved.

Please call Erin at 612.599.8366 or email erin@resolutiondivorceservices.com today for a confidential conversation about divorce mediation or any of our other services.